Cleaning Checklist

Private Residential Services

Need help with your hectic and busy schedule? No need to worry, we understand the importance of a clean home. We sanitize and disinfect your entire house or just where you need assistance. We make your kitchen and bathrooms sparkle and shine. We remove spider webs and dust so you have more time to spend with your family. Need help with laundry, we can wash, dry, fold and even put it away. Ironing is always time consuming and we can affordably help with that too. We can refresh your bed linens and make your beds. We are there to help in any area you just don’t have time for. You get to decide what you want to have done and when.

Our team of specialists are trained and reliable. Your security and peace of mind are as important to us as cleaning. We come to your home at your convenience. If you need weekly, bi-weekly or only once a month, you can rest easy knowing we will be there and your home will be clean and safe. We offer a very diverse range of services including very caring baby sitters, pet sitters and much more. Please take a moment and browse more of our site for other ways we can improve your busy life. Let us start helping you today.

Company Policies

  • Living Room

    Dust all furniture, clean windows frames and sills, vacuum/sweep, mop floor, clean switch plates in all rooms.
  • Dining Room
    Wipe table and chairs, dust all furniture, clean windows frames and sills, vacuum/sweep, mop floor.
  • Kitchen
    Wipe all countertops and backsplashes, clean and disinfect sink, clean microwave inside and out, clean top front and general inside of refrigerator, clean and disinfect stovetop and oven all outside as well, clean all cabinet doors and clean under sink, clean windows frames and sills, clean light fixtures, vacuum/sweep, mop floor, clean under appliances, keep rubbish bins clean and disinfected.
  • Bedrooms
    Dust all furniture, clean behind furniture, clean windows frames and sills, vacuum/sweep, mop floor.
  • Terraces
    Clean light fixtures, clean patio furniture, clean all drains, clean and disinfect floor.
  • Front Entrance
    Clean light fixtures and letter boxes, clean hand rails, clean floor, sweep sidewalk and remove refuse.
  • Laundry Room
    Clean washer and dryer especially the soap dispenser, remove lint, clean light fixtures, vacuum/sweep, mop floor.
  • Bathrooms
    Clean shower tiles and shower floor, clean and disinfect toilet, clean sink(s), clean light fixtures, clean toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, toilet brush holder, clean and disinfect floor.
  • Garages
    Removing oil stains, tire marks, marks on walls, remove rubbish, clear spider webs, clean floor, clean light fixtures.